Chicken Seasoning

It is important that you know how to make your food tasty.  There are a number of seasonings that would help make food palatable and tasty.  Chicken seasoning is one such seasoning that is cheap and yet makes the food tasty.  Different spices, herbs and seasonings may be used for making the food tasty. Those of you who love spices and herbs should definitely try out the chicken seasoning and it is sure to be yummy.

How to add chicken seasoning to your food
It is possible to add the right kind of herbs and spices to your food and make chicken even much tastier.  You may either want to add it to the raw chicken at the time of cooking or add it after it has been half cooked.  Some experts also add it towards the end, so that the aroma remains till you eat your chicken.

Chicken Seasoning

Chicken seasoning includes spices like parsley, thyme, basil and rosemary.  Rosemary is added to roasted chicken and it may be combined with meat and oils. Chicken cooked in this form can be eaten with roasted potatoes, garden salads, rice and mixed vegetables. Curry leaf may be added when preparing chicken as it lends that particular aroma.  Similarly, bay leaves are also the ideal chicken seasoning.  You may mix vegetables and meats to the chicken and then add the chicken seasoning. Basil leaves maybe added either in dry form or fresh form. Another very tasty chicken seasoning is garlic that is simply superb and lends aroma and taste to the cooked chicken.  Butter chicken can be prepared by adding fresh lemon juice to the chicken and then adding sauce to lend a beautiful aroma and taste.  Other herbs like ginger lemongrass and lemon balm are chicken seasonings.

Choosing chicken seasoning for your favourite dish
Chicken is quite a favourite dish and it has been liked by most of the people.  It is not very expensive and can be prepared by using any seasoning.  The chicken seasoning may be prepared by using both herbs and spices.  Plant leaves are used for making herbs and spices are made from the stem, seeds, roots and bark of plants.  There are creative cooks who try and blend various chicken seasonings and create a tasty chicken recipe.  Depending on the type of recipe, the chicken seasoning may also vary.  You may either want to add only spices or herbs, depending on the type of taste you want.  Many of the chicken seasonings in Asian countries include ginger, saffron, sesame and turmeric.  European chicken seasoning includes paprika, mace, and cinnamon. Then there are herbs with aroma like basil, thyme and rosemary that lend a distinct flavour and aroma to the dish.

Extending a distinguished flavour – Use Chicken seasoning
It is possible to lend a distinguished taste and flavour using chicken seasoning to the dish.  Various spices and herbs can be added to lend that taste.  The chicken has to be tossed along with the spices and herbs and you are sure to get that aroma you always wanted.

Quick video on Chicken Seasoning

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